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The Hope Chest

Our founder, Yolanda Baldwin, is well qualified for her position and has proven herself as a compassionate individual who is dedicated to helping others. As someone who did not have everything they needed growing up, such as meals or supplies for school, Yolanda is devoted to making sure others do not experience similar circumstances. She is a firm advocate in asking for help when it is needed, as it was a principle her parents constantly enforced. She thus believes in taking help when it is offered and being mindful of what or how those acts of kindness help someone when they need it the most.

Upon graduating high school, Yolanda enlisted in the United States Army. The GI Bill she earned enabled her to go to college. Yolanda received a bachelor of science in nursing and her Master's degree in Health administration.

Programs for Teachers

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Programs for Students

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Why Choose Us?

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Hope Chest will develop

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programs for teachers

Provide classroom supplies from a preset list of supplies.

Our Mission

The mission of The Hope Chest is to provide aid to students & teachers in underserved

Our Mission

Hope Chest is to provide aid to students and teachers

At the hope chest, we recognize and fully assume our social responsibility as a nonprofit organization to support causes that are near and dear to our hearts such as educating you minds.  Our mission is to provide aid to teachers and students who lack the necessary resources that make learning fun, inviting and attainable.

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Yolanda Baldwin

President / CEO

Dedra Johnson